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Tree Climbing Spikes, Safety Harness & Adjustable Lanyard

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Tree Climbing Spikes/Spurs for arborist, tree surgeon.
Solid steel contoured spikes to climb trees.
- The base is made of structural steel.
- The width of the base strip - 1,6 inch (40 mm), 0,2 inch (5.6 mm) thickness. height of the base 15 inch (390 mm)
- Spikes are changeable, package includes two types of gaffs: 4 inch (100 mm) and 3 inch (70 mm) for trees with thick and thin bark.
- Each spike fixed with two 6mm bolts (included)
- The pads are made of high-strength synthetic material, height is 9,5 inch (240mm)
- Maximum load 120kg
- Weight of the set is 7,7lbs/3,5kg
Safety Harness for fall protection at high-altitude works
- Metal ring belt made of quality carbon structural steel.
- A wide base provides a more comfortable work due to better load distribution
- Thigh straps
- Regulation of belt length - stepless buckle consists of two oval rings
- Width of base variable from 4-6 inch (100-150 mm), Inner filler - izolon 6 mm thick. Belts made from synthetic polyamide tape 1,8 inch (45 mm) wide.
- Waist Size is 29-57 inch,(730-1500mm) adjusted with stepless buckle consists of two rings
- Maximum breaking load - 15kN
Lanyard is designed for connection to the waist belt and anchor point
- Polyamide tape
- Length from 5 to 6,5 feet (1,5 to 2 m), width 1,4 inch (36 mm)
- Maximum breaking load - 15kN
All products were made in Russian Federation and complying with State GOST certificate:
GOST R EN 358-2008 which is based on
European standard EN 358:1999
«Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height - Belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards (IDT)»
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